This activity is great for children in the hospital setting. No one enjoys being in the hospital, and children in particular are often confused and scared. This activity lets the child create their own blues song and lets them express themselves through music. This activity can be done with children around 5 and older. The song is based off of a basic 12-bar blues progression

Goals: Normalization, communication, coping

Materials: Guitar, Blues sheet

Procedures: MT shows/explains blues song.

MT gives example of their own ‘blues’ so pt will hear what the song sounds like 

MT asks pt to fill in the blanks (family member or MT can write in answers if pt doesn’t want to).

MT and pt then write the pt's 'Blues Song' and MT plays and sings it back to pt. 

After song is written, MT will talk to pt about their song and encourage the child to talk about their feelings and what he/she can do to feel better. 

At end of session, MT should offer to let pt keep song, or even offer to hang it somewhere the child can see it. 

Adaptations: Ask yes/no questions to get pts started. Encourage family to help out. For pts that are still not participating offer up some ideas for their blanks. For younger children offer them a choice of 2-4 answers on a different sheet if they cannot come up with one on their own (for ex- "My name is Laura and sometimes I get really [Sad/ Mad/ Embarrassed]" In this case the child could circle the emotion they are wanting to write about)

Extensions: For group setting, sit in a circle and have everyone participate together and facilitate group conversation between pts.


I(1x)/ IV(2x)

My name is ________________ and sometimes I get really


[repeat x2] 

V7                                                                         I

And when I get ____________, I feel like________________________.


My name is _______________ and I can also feel really



[repeat x2]

V7                                                                         I

And when I get _____________, I feel like _________________________.


However…. When I get these blues, I know how to make them go away.

[repeat x2]


I make my blues go away by______________________________________.


And when my blues are gone I feel _____________________________.

[repeat x2]

V7                                                             I

Yea, those are my blues. Thanks for letting me share ‘em with you.



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