Music Therapy Activities Wiki

Establish structure and engage group members in singalong sessions with population-appropriate games.


Contingency Singalong: Reinforce target behaviors by allowing model group members to select songs.

Instrument Flashcards: Someone selects an instrument to play, and after teaching how to play the instrument, flip over a corresponding flashcard and play the song written on the back while guiding the performance of the choosen instrument.

Jeopardy: Prepare a wall chart of flashcards organized by genre into columns. Teams compete for points by being the first to Name-That-Tune!, name the artist, to complete unfinished lyrics, sing the chorus, or some other population apropriate challenge. Everybody continues singing through to the end of each song.

"Jumbled" or "Unfinished" Song Sheets: Prepare a familiar song's lyrics as large cards with seperate fragments of phrases. Groups either collaborate or compete to rearrange the words correctly. Or, you may print a single page of Fill-in-the-Blank/MadLib Songwriting-style song lyrics, and challenge patients to finish the song sheet. When correctly "finished," the singalong itself begins.



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James E. Riley, MT-BC