Set ambient music and read relaxation scripts, attending to individuals' responses and the cadence and volume of your voice. Scripts are available online, see below, or you can write your own. Writing your own allows you to individualize the experience. Make scripts which activitate the senses and the imagination. Write to include relaxation techniques as part of the session's practice, and lead to processing which helps to generalize the skills practiced.


Music for Self-Care: Relaxation scripts can be used for personal self-care. Teach patients how to access and utilize scripts that will augment their ability to use music for relaxation. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Scripts: See Music-Assisted Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) before using this PMR Script, External Link.

Relaxation Scripts: A quick Google search will reveal many possible scripts that can be adapted for use with music therapy: Check them out!



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James E. Riley, MM, MT-BC

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