RAP Rules stands for Respect, Attitude and Participation.

Establish RAP as the rules for music time.  Talk with students about what each of the components of RAP mean

For example:                                                                                                                                                 Respect includes respect for self, others and instruments.                                                                               Attitude includes sharing, no complaints about instruments, etc.                                                             Participation includes participating in activities even if it's not your favored activity.

Have students give behavioral examples of each of the components of RAP.

Wanna rap about RAP? Check out these rules written out in rhyme: File:RAP Rules Rap.pdf


At the end of the session, select three students who demonstrated RAP throughout the session.  These students get a few minutes of free play on an instrument of their choice while the others clean up.  After this routine is established, select one or two students who demonstrated RAP throughout the session.  These students each select another student who also demonstrated RAP.  The selecting student must say to the group what the selected student did to earn free time.


Created by Lori Gooding, Ph.D, MT-BC

Added and adapted by Lauren Morrow, MT-BC

The RAP Rules Rap composed by James E. Riley, MM, MT-BC

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