Similar to Hot Potato, whoever holds the ball when music stops answers a question written on the ball! See resources for question ball purchasing options (and a $0.99 resource of 75 great open ended questions great for many other applications), or for a cheaper and more customized option, just buy a beach ball and add your own questions! Encourage physical coordination and impulse control as memebrs lightly bouncing a beach ball around a group, with questions leading to counseling opportunities.


You may prepare recordings that will stop automatically and ensure unpredictable end points. However, it if often preferrable to use live music because it can better match the session, give you as a clinician more control over the flow of conversation, participants may select from your repertoire for a group singalong as a reward for answering a question from the ball, you can play the guitar music from the previous song while the group passes the ball to provide smooth transitions. Questions are just the beginning, they can prompt further elaboration or you can guide follow up questions and discussion. Song lyrics, group responses, and anything else are all tools for you to work with!


  • Have the group work together by counting the number of successful passes, then trying to score higher each time. Questions can be discussed after each round.
  • Practice multitasking coordination by singing to music while passing the ball.


Toss 'n Talk Ball

Open Ended Questions for Question Ball Includes 75 questions that include easy icebreakers through to more personal discussion prompts that you use to lead to any depth of discussion or counseling session.


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“Beach Ball” music therapy activity (Communication Game) for adults and all ages by Margie La Bella

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James E. Riley, MM, MT-BC

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