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Music may be used to help facilitate art projects.


Life Story CD Albums includes description and hyperlinks to printable diagrams for CD covers and CD label!

Coloring Song Pictures: Color pictures and engage discussion with higher functioning patients. Cooperatively listen with lyrics to arrange pictures in the order in which they come up during the song.

Instrument Making: Make your own instruments by identifying the materials, constructing the instrument, giving it a name, demonstrating how you play it (possibly accompanying a song on your guitar), and discussing what was going through a patient's head as they were working, what type of instrument it is, if it reminds them of an instrument played before.

Mandala Drawing with Background Music: Individuals can work alone or work together on a large mandala. Groups may put their individual mandalas together, take turns passing mandalas around with everybody adding their own ideas, or even cut their own individual mandalas apart and piece them together such that they become whole again within the group's unified mandala. Requires group work, cooperation, problem solving, and communication skills (Tague, 2012).

Mask Making: Make a mask. Discuss self-concept or the perceptions of others. Pairs well with lyric analysis.

Personal Album CoversDesign your own album, including picture and quote on front; personal bio/hx; track list not necessarily of favorites but songs that tell your story from struggle to coping to goal, addiction to recovery, school bullying to higher concept, depression to healthy emotional control, etc; and acknowledgements with explanations of who and how they influenced/inspired you or what you look up to in your role models.



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James E. Riley, MT-BC

Kayla Breland, MTI