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This page provides hyperlinks to many great music therapy blogs, written by and for music therapists. "In January 2013, almost four dozen music therapy bloggers and podcasters are working with the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) as they spread the word about music therapy advocacy and the State Recognition Operational Plan through the social media airwaves" (AMTA, 2013). This page directs to towards those bloggers and more. Please add your own blog if it belongs on this list!


Access Music Therapy - Jody Tucker

A Music Therapy Internship Blog - Christine Young

Adventures in Multicultural and Bilingual Music Therapy - Christina Stock

Allegro Harmonies  - Noa Elimelech and Lindsey Oliver

Back Mountain Music Therapy - Antoinette Morrison

CT Music Therapy - Jennifer Sokira

Developing Melodies - Meryl Brown

Developmental Community Music - Kalani

Global Music Therapy - John Lawrence

harmoniousELA - Allison Doll

Heartbeat Music Therapy - Janice Lindstrom

Helping Harmonies - Noa Elimelech

I'm a Music Therapist - Brea Murakami

Key Changes Music Therapy - Natalie Mullis & Staff

Listen and Learn Music - Rachel Rambach

Margie La Bella: Music Therapy & Education - Margie La Bella

Metro Music Therapy - MMT

More Than Music MT - Laura Theismann & Janelle Sikora

More with Music - Amanda Ellis

Music Makes Sense - Daniel Tague

Music Matters - Kate Legge

Music Sparks - JoAnn Jordan

Music Therapist in Progress: An Internship Blog- Bethany Schupp

Music Therapy and End of Life Care - Jillian Argue, Meghan Hinman, Kristen O’Grady, & Noah Potvin

Music, Therapy, and Me - Mary Jane Landaker

Music Therapy Annex - Megan Resig

Music Therapy Drumming - Bill Matney and Mike Marcionetti

Music Therapy Ed - Kat Fulton

Music Therapy Equals Love - Ashley Lundquist

Music Therapy Ideas - Connie Cheila Huettner

Music Therapy Maven - Kimberly Sena Moore

Music Therapy Research Blog - Blythe LaGasse

Music Therapy Source - Matt Logan

Music Therapy Time - Erin Seibert

Musically Thinking - Megumi Azekawa

Next Time Won't You Sing With Me? - Katy Hutchings

Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute - PBMTI

Prelude Music Therapy - Annie Walljasper

Rhythm & Reason Blog - James E. Riley

Rhythm For Good - Kat Fulton

RhythmWORKS Music Therapy, LLC - Linda Jedrzejek

Ronna Kaplan, M.A. on Huffington Post - Robin Kaplan

Roots and Wings Music Therapy - Stacy Hargis

Saint-Mary-in-the-Woods College Music Therapy Program - Sharon Boyle

Songs For Success - Kerry Cornelius

Soundscape Music Therapy - Rachelle Norman

The George Center for Music Therapy - Jamie George, Andrew Littlefield, and staff

The Groovy Garfoose - Bonnie Hayhurst

The Harmony Resource - Ami Kunimura

The Mindful Music Therapist - Roia Rafieyan

The Music Therapy Show with Janice Lindstrom - Janice Lindstrom

The Musical Autist - CJ Shiloh

The Music Therapy Diva - Katelyn Farris

The Music Therapy Guy - Jesse Hickle

The Rhythm Tree - Ryan Judd

The Rhythmic Mind - Stephanie Kuester

Unstrange Mind - anonymous

Wholesome Harmonies LLC - Amy Kalas

Your Musical Self - Kimberly Sena-Moore

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Music Therapy Research Blog Podcast - Andrew Knight and Blythe LaGasse

Music Therapy Round Table podcast - Michelle Erfurt, Rachel Rambach, Kimberly Sena Moore

Instru(mental) - Brea Murakami

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American Music Therapy Association, Inc. (February 22, 2013). 3rd Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month. Retrieved from


James E. Riley, MM, MT-BC