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Music listening is defined as the active attention to auditory stimuli by the patient.


Guided Music Listening: Used to facilitate on-task behavior and increase attention, or help patients to explore unconscious material.

Iso Principle: Continuous music played live to elevate or reduce such mood or level of stimulation in the listener, beginning at a level that mirrors that of the patient, and concluding at a desired level of stimulation, as determined by the therapist.

Music and Imagery Visualization: Individuals listen to an orchestral excerpt, i.e., Aaron Copeland's “Hodown," Night On Bald Mountain, Scheherezad, or Vivaldi's “The Four Seasons," then draw or write a destription of what they visualized during the music listening. 

Pain Management: Music is an enjoyable stimulus to either focus or distract an individual from pain, or to mask undesirable environmental sounds (Tague, 2007).

Personal Music Sharing: Patients bring their own music or select from the internet library or a music library to share, which promotes positive memories, self-concept, the release of emotions, and self-expression, and through a wholesome shared experience and the divergent socialization, also permits the group to respond with support, empathy, and encouragement (Jones, 2012).

Sound Exploration:



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