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Play 25-30 seconds of patient-preferred music that correspond with songs or artists in bingo boards with enough variations for every group member. Establish rapport, talk about music, music preferences, related experiences, etc., and open-up group dialogue (Silverman, 2010). Movie soundtracks and TV themes may be included. You can prepare short music mp3 clips to walk freely around the room and assist the group or manually select songs for more control of the game.


Download free templates for Mac or Windows to make your own Music BINGO sheets. The template lets you plug in a playlist and immediately produces 26 unique but equal playing sheets (Riley, 2012).

Download the following Music BINGO sheets to print, prepare the music playlist, and play!

File:Black History Month Bingo.pdf

File:Love Songs Music BINGO.pdf

File:Music Bingo 01.pdf


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James E. Riley, MT-BC