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Multisensory use of music is defined as the therapeutic application of music videos, aroma drums, tactile stimulation, video games, or any other activity stimulating multiple basic senses.


Aroma Drum: The Aroma Drum™ releases pleasant aromas while you play the drum. Ideal for relaxation and stress reduction, this unique multisensory instrument has a variety of creative uses.

Singing Stories: Books that have been put to a melody, so that the book is sung rather then read. This section also has books that have been paired with instrumental cues and movement cues.

iPad Apps: The iPad has a wide array of applications that are increasingly being incorporated into therapy as well as increasing professional productivity.

Music VideosMusic videos combine autitory and visual information, and can be used in many ways.

Sensory Integration:

Sensory Stimulation Kits: Sensory stimulation kits have the potential to evoke a variety of responses in clients with Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias. The therapist selects objects pertaining to a particular theme that utilize each of the five senses, with the exception of taste.

Serenity Room: Some programs may be large enough, with space and a budget, to allow for a special relaxation room. Dimmed lights, Somatron chairs, ambient music, relaxation scripts, breathing exercises.... I'm nearly asleep thinking of it!

Sound Vibration:

Vibrotactile Stimulation:

Video Games:

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