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Movement to music is defined as physical use of the body with the incorporation of music. Movement may be stretching, exercise, movement games, and even dancing video games.


Children's Movement Activities: Using the combination of music and movement to increase fine motor, gross motor, socialization, and other goals/objectives in children.

Dance: Dancing is great exercise, but is more creative and 

Movement to Music as ExerciseUsing music to imrove fine and motor skills, and engage the whole body in therapeutic music interventions for physical well-being.

Music-Assisted Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)Music and musical activities can promote physical and mental relaxation.

Rhythmic Breathing: Another relaxation technique uses music to entrain the body to breathe over specific intervals of time. Music cues the rhythmic pattern of inhalation, breath holding, and exhalation. Patients who are comfortable with the group and the MT-BC may also close their eyes, breathe naturally, and count the number of cycles. Suggest that they only count up to five and start over to remain grounded in the here and now.

Stretching to Music:

Video Games: There are video games, such as Just Dance or DDR that provide a very engaging multisensory approach to physical exercise.

Resources Balance movement to music with Lyric Analysis about getting up and moving!


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