Hello songs are used to introduce an individual or group to music therapy, to make assessments, build rapport and trust, initiate interaction and participation, and establish a tone or theme of the following session. Also see Goodbye Songs.


"Hello Friends!": This song is piggybacked off of "Goodnight Ladies." See The Rhythm & Reason Blog for more information.

"The Hello Song" from Dragon Tales: A hello song for young children (under 8 years of age) that incorporates social skills, interactive responses, and allows an opportunity to greet each client individually. Also focuses on vocal and musical opposites such as "high" and "low" as well as "fast" and "slow." Link to the song is included in the reference section. Chords are simple I IV V.

"Love Me Do" by the Beatles: You use the same chords and meloday structure as the song, but change the words to "Hello, Hello, it's good to see you, Hello, Hello, It's timmmeee.... for Music!" You can change the "it's good to see you" verse to anything you want. An example is using this song with children and saying "let's wave or clap our hands." A link to the orginial Beatles song is in the reference section and the chords are G, C, and D.

Name Games: See

Roar! Hello Song Adaptation is a PDF with adapted lyrics to the Katy Perry song for a fun, patient-preferred self-empowering welcome to your music therapy sessions.


Icebreakers This list of non-musical icebreakers might inspire some ideas for use even in a music therapy setting, or guide musica adaptation.


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