Goodbye songs bring closure to a music therapy session. Also see Hello Songs.


Discharge Songs: The music therapist may choose to collaborate with all medical staff involved with an individual soon to leave a facility to recollect, "medical milestones, personality traits, and humorous events" as the discharge song is sung to a familiar melody by everyone (Robb, 1996).

"Goodbye Friends!": This song is piggybacked off of "Goodnight Ladies." See The Rhythm & Reason Blog for more information.

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye: This original song utilizes different ways to say goodbye. It can be personalized to sing to each individual child.

Out of the Box Goodbye Song

Bear in the Big Blue House Goodbye Song



Robb S. L. (1996). Techniques in Song Writing: Restoring Emotional and Physical Well Being in Adolescents who have been Traumatically Injured. Music Therapy Perspectives, 14, 30-37.

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